SunClock is a free Windows desktop program that shows you the sunny face of the Earth, the position of the Sun, the position of the Moon and its phase.


  • You can change the map size.
  • You can change the darkness of the night.
  • You can place the SunClock window everywhere, by dragging it on your desktop, and the program will remember its last position when restarts.
  • SunClock can be “glued” to desktop borders and corners, and it will remain attached to them even when resolution changes.
  • You can change the map image (to have a correct illumination the map must be an equirectangular projection centered on Greenwich) with any bitmap.
  • You can have a tray icon that pulls up the SunClock window for a short time when you place the mouse over it.
  • SunClock could start automatically when Windows starts.
  • SunClock could stay “always on top”.
  • SunClock has a Sun centered mode that locks the Sun in the center of the map and rotates the Earth.
  • SunClock settings are per user.

Download, install and uninstall


The file contains the SunClock executable and some map images.

To install SunClock, simply extract in your Program Files directory (or wherever you want) enter the SunClock directory and run SunClock.exe.

To uninstall SunClock, simply remove the directory where the SunClock.exe file is located.

Download the C++/MFC source code of SunClock

Please note:

  • The run at startup feature is not enabled by default so, if you want SunClock to be started every time you start your computer, remember to check the relative check box in the settings dialog.
  • SunClock settings are accessible by right-clicking over the map or the tray icon.
  • Please read the license and copyright information by clicking on the License button in the settings dialog.